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 The following is just a partial list of the services that we offer. Please contact us if you do not see the service listed that you would like performed. All prices are LABOR ONLY.

All parts and labor require a 50% deposit. There will be a service charge added for all firearms not paid for within 2 weeks of completion.


  • Per Man Hour $84

  • Per Man and Machine Hour $100

  • ** Minimum Charge Per gun $42

  • Written Appraisals, cost estimates $58


  • Consisting of completely stripping gun, cleaning all parts, checking for wear, making suggestions to a customer of services needed to put in A-1 condition $89


  • Sight in customer gun (does not include cost of ammo, targets, etc.) $84

  • Bore sighting customer's gun $37

  • Pattern Shotgun (does not include cost of ammo, targets, etc.) $79

  • Drill and tap barrel or receiver for sights (per hole) $47

  • Cut dovetail in barrel $100

  • Install dovetail sight $52

  • Install front sight ramp (sweat on type) $100

      Screw on type (including drill and tap) $74

      Band type hourly rate

  • Install insert in pistol sight $63

  • Install front or mid-rib bead on shotgun (plus cost of sight) $52

      plug hole and re-drill for bead $68

  • Install receiver sights (gun drilled and tapped) $58

  • Install rear sight (existing dovetail) $47

  • Install fiber optic sight (existing dovetail) $47

  • Scope mounting (gun drilled and tapped) $63

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